On August 2 when I arrived at the Hoodoos near Drumheller  Alberta I was basically out of water, 6 days without a shower, my battery packs almost drained, I had just pedallled 100 km’s in the heat and it was going to be dark soon.

My options were limited other then to just deal with it.  I actually was more focused on what I was going to do when I got to Calgary.  So I posted the need for a host in Calgary while I dealing with some wheel issues.  This post actually landed me a host less then 3 kilometers from the Hoodoos and all my previous issues solved.  This was all thanks to Lance and Wendy Cuell back in Hamilton.  Lance had actually gone to school with April in Calgary.  But how crazy is that to land a host right before dark in a place near the Hoodoos?

Message history onAugust 2, 2020
Wendy: Hey, do you need a place for tonight.
Me: No I am not in Calgary yet. Almost in Drumheller. I think Thursday is when I will get to Calgary
Wendy: Do you need a place in Drumheller
Me: You know someone??
Wendy: Yes
Me: Wow. I purchased a ticket to the museum. For Thursday. I was just looking at camping prices. Too expensive 🤦‍♂️
Wendy: She’s got a property you can stay on.
Me: That would be nice 🙏
Me: Currently I am at the Hoodoos
Wendy: She’s just past the hoodoos at a place called Lehigh
Me: Works for me
Wendy: Her phone number is 403-xxx-xxxx. Her name is April.
Me: You say property??? Running water. I am out of water
Wendy: A friend of Lance’s. You can give her a call and ask.
You: Ok thanks 🙏
Wendy: Yes, she’s got water. She lives there.
Me: Ok thanks
Me: I just texted. But came back as a land line 😂
Wendy: Oh. Ok. Call her, she’s expecting your call
Me: She is?  Your fast 🙏😂🙏😂
Wendy: Sure! We’re texting with her arranging.
You: Thanks. I appreciate this
Wendy: No problem, anything we can do.
You: On my way there. You are a life saver 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Wendy: Awesome!!

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