In Linda Vista I was coaxed off the road by locals for a beer.  It didn’t take long for me to lose count of the number of beers that I ended up having.  Good thing the owner of the bar said I could spend the night there.

Cico’s brother who originally made the offer to let me sleep in the back of the bar

That night I found myself in an interesting situation.  I am sleeping on a bed in a back room of a bar that closes at 6:30 pm.  I am told that if I exit the back door of the bar there are aggressive dogs on the other side of the door and they locked the front door.  So, for all intent and purposes I am locked inside a bar by myself.  Thankfully I decided to get a meal while I was in Loma Bonita and luckily, I have a piss bottle with my camping gear as I just finished almost a dozen beers and no access to a washroom.  And thankfully I had a bunch of cookies on me to control the munchies after all those beers.

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