Booked me a hotel room in Shelburne Nova Scotia

Kathy approached me in a Tim Horton’s on the evening of February 4 in Shelburne. She says “my friend over there tells me that you are biking across Canada?”  We have a friendly exchange of words for about 5-10 minutes and then she say’s “I will be back in a minute.”  At this point I am all a lone in the Tim Horton’s as it is now 10:30pm. Ten minutes later I am still waiting except I need to find a camping site for the night.  I go outside and the parking lot is empty.  I proceed to pack up my stuff and I get about 30 seconds down the road when Kathy pulls up telling me her husband is booking me a room at the hotel down the road!  I ended up staying at the Wildwood Hotel.

Unrelated to this pretty amazing story I would like to share what else happened today.  The night before I camped in Liverpool.  This morning when I pulled into the Tim Horton’s there a guy pulled in after me and handed me $10.

This evening before I met Kathy a woman came up to me to ask me if I was that guy biking across Canada.  She said she recognized me and she took up a small collection with her friends and handed me $22.  Today was a pretty amazing day.

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