Ariel received me and the NOPAL mountain bike group that biked 90 km’s with me to Vicente Guerrero.  Ariel owns the local bike shop in town and also sells the Sunpeed brand of bikes hence the relationship with Sunpeed Durango.   Ariel arranged pizza dinner and a beer when we arrived in town at his brothers pizza parlor and arranged a hotel room for me the evening I arrived in town.

Ariel would continue to be generous with his time and feed me a few times during my time in Vicente Guerrero.  The day before I left town Ariel took me to visit Sierra de Órganos National Park.  It was areal nice nature area to visit and we hiked a trail for a few kilometers.  On the day I left VG Ariel also joined me for the first 25 km’s of the ride to the turn off of Sierra de Órganos National Park.

Ariel’s bike shop

Meeting us on our arrival into Vicente Guerrero

At Sierra de Órganos National Park

Headed to Sombererte

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