Supporter and fan appreciation post

I would love to give a huge shout out of thank you for your support!

My website went live a month or two ago and the response has been amazing.  I want you all to know how much I appreciate the support, comments, private messages and emails.  I also want you to know that I make every effort to respond or in the very least acknowledge your comments and messages.

If I have ever missed your message I sincerely apologize.  In recent weeks there has been literally 100’s and 100’s of messages and many thousand Facebook post Likes.

Also a huge thank you to new Page Likes, Followers and Facebook Friends.

I would love to share some of my favorite messages!

Reggie Murray
Man I’ve been endurance riding for almost 3 years I would love to do what you are about to do. Kudos to you brother I hope the journey works out which I know it will, I’m here in America and was planning to ride across America east to west but I broke my foot and got disappointed about riding, you just brought that hope back.  Thank you, I look forward to my ride in 2020 (RAA 2020) Ride Across America “2020” Stay strong and never give up on your dreams.

Rob Conrad
Your a true inspiration – everyone should be paying attention.  Everyone is complaining about this and that, you are actually doing something to combat it.  Make things happen if you want them to.

Nick Molnar
Your comfort zone is already to be super determined and making  things happen at the cost of what might be considered comfort.  I think this is right up your alley and I will be following the trip.

Hatch Sandwich Bar
My brother recommended I might like this blog. He was totally right. This post truly made my day.  You cannot imagine simply how much time I had spent reading this information!  Thanks!

Felipe Gomez
You will be fine , I was cycling November in NFLd too, went to Tuktoyaktuk in the same winter , please send me inbox when in Saskatoon.  You can stay with me.

Ron Smith
Awesome!  I just subscribed.  Looking forward to following this one.  You have bitten off one massive chunk.  Best wishes for a safe and successful ride.

Gail Hokenstad
But you are making this dream a reality, you’re doing it & so many never realize their dreams!
Arie reading through your posts, you are, you are inspiring me. Life isn’t easy & I’m at a crossroads in life. Thank you!

Tom Barbitta
In my next life I want to be you!

I also received some nice emails from Perry Stone & Natalie Merrick

I received many supportive Facebook and Messenger messages from others like

  • Henry Kim
  • Chris Goyetche
  • Chan Der
  • James Andrew
  • Joe Oblenis
  • Paul Higginson
  • Yann Gen Chiasson Boucher
  • Lee Kreider
  • Bike Tour Adventures podcast
  • Mountain Ator
  • Aaron Bestbaum
  • Bruce Lane
  • Don Anderson
  • Ron Higgins
  • Andrew Peckham
  • Larry Schultz
  • Steve Worth
  • Joel Ingram
  • Gabriel Cantin
  • Rachel Hugens
  • Louis-Martin Gignac

And many many more.

I haven’t even left on my ride and I have already connected with many many people all around the world.  Many of you have offered me a place to stay when I pedal through.  Just so you know I have done my best to keep record of all those offers and hope to meet you all.

Thanks again for the amazing support I have received!

Arie Hoogerbrugge

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