If I had to explain or describe 2020 in one word, I think it would be “WOW!!!???”  With a few exclamation and question marks.  I think it’s safe to say this year did not go as planned for anybody.

For a lot of people this was a tough year.  One way or another most of us survived it.  Some of us better than others.  For the most part if I have to be honest it is safe to say given everything that happened this year I had a very blessed, lucky and awesome year.

Staying with my aunt Henny during first wave of Covid-19

Other then a 60 day shut down during the first Covid-19 wave I was able to continue my ride and even get into the USA before the second wave hit.

6,650 km’s pedalled to the Terry Fox memorial in Thunder Bay

Starting back at the beginning of the year I had the most amazing experiences as I biked into Nova Scotia and then New Brunswick.  Some of the most amazing experiences that I will never forget as long as I live.  And then continued biking through Quebec and to Ottawa and then arriving in Kingston in the first day of Spring and the eve of the escalation of Covid-19.  Completing 4,900 kilometres since November 12, 2019.

Wiping Terry Fox’s and his parent grave stones clean of dirt and debris

Of all the places I could have landed in the beginning of a pandemic.  Without a doubt the very best outcome I could have hoped for.  And then during the summer of Covid-19 I was able to bike across Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia adding more and more amazing stories to my story while in many ways people were stuck at home or having to give up so much of their plans.

12,340 km’s to Terry Fox’s memorial in Victoria BC

This Fall I was able to bike one of my favorite parts of Canada- Vancouver Island and then complete my cross Canada crossing with 12,340 km’s pedalled.  One of the most amazing cross Canada bike rides ever pedalled.

I was able to fly into Seattle Washington on October 25 to continue my ride.

Admittedly this is where my year has gotten tougher for me.  Very quickly realizing I was no longer in Canada definitely gave me a sense of vulnerability that I was not expecting.  The weather also started to take a bit of a toll.  Dropping temperatures and rain were not helping my spirits.  And then with a second wave of Covid-19 hitting charging batteries and trying to get out of the rain or dry out became near impossible.

New friends

And to add to my day to day challenges for the first time my camping spots were now being visited by the authorities.  Four times now since getting into the US.  Almost every evening becomes a time of anxiousness about finding a place to sleep without being disturbed.  And then to close out the year is of course Christmas.  Probably my least favorite time of the year.  A time when mentally I go into a bit of a tailspin.

Amazing Stories

These recent challenges I have been experiencing since getting into the US has caused me to reflect on “my truths” of 2020 to help pull me out of this malaise that I find myself in at this moment of writing this section of the blog post.

My 2020 Truths

– I survived the 2019-20 winter, pedalling 4,900 km’s during this time.

– I had a roof over my head during the first wave of Covid-19.  Arriving at the very best place I could.

– I completed my 12,340 kilometre bike ride across Canada (also during Covid-19).

– Probably one of the most amazing Canadian crossing ever completed.

– With over 100 documented memorable stories, events, interactions and connections.  At a level of generosity and stories that has been unprecedented.  Don’t believe me?  Check them out HERE

– All challenges worked out in Canada

– I was able to get into the US

– All challenges continue to work out one way or another in the US

– I have nothing to complain about

Did a few things go wrong in 2020?  I suppose a few things.  The Canadian Arctic was closed and I had to pay for an expensive flight to Seattle instead of a cheap ferry crossing into the US.  But compared to most peoples year this is nothing.


So when you add it all up it’s actually pretty mindboggling?   And as crazy as it sounds while most people are praying for a completely different year than 2020 I can only hope my 2021 is as good as my 2020.  So far 2019 and 2020 are definitely ones for the book.  So here’s to 2021!!!

2019 in Review

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