Stats & Fun Facts

Current City:

Kingston, ON

Headed to:

Brighton, ON

Days on the road

Nights in a tent

Km’s cycled

Number of flat tires

Countries Travelled

Biggest surprise

– How much I enjoy bike touring at this time of year

Biggest Climbs

– Heading to Cape Spear NL nearly killed me

Wanted to spend more time in

– Newfoundland

Most Scenic Highways

Most Memorable Experiences

– Marritime hospitality

Missed the most


– missed Hopewell Rocks in NB (Bay of Fundy)

Biggest disappointment

Boring Sections

Coolest towns

– St John’s NL

Most amazing Areas

– Peggy’s Cove & Cape Forchu in NS

Most dangerous Times/Moments

Break down / mechanical

– studded tires failed also causing at least 6 flats

– Switched rear shifter with a thumb shifter due to moisture/freezing

– BOB trailer wheel failed

-MSR tent shock cords failed

Stopped by the police

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