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Support Arie

Hi and thanks for stopping by and welcome to my Support Page.  The love and support and well wishes that I have already received on this bike ride has been over whelming.    Thank you to those who have supported this amazing journey already.  It is a great honour to be able to share this journey via blogs, photos, videos, and in person meet ups (when possible)

Through your support, in whatever form that has taken has aloud you to be apart of a pretty amazing and live changing story.  And it has been my pleasure and honour to bring you along for this journey.

Many people have reached out asking how can we support you or support you further.

For your consideration

Number 1

Sharing is caring. Probably the best way that you can support me is by sharing my content.  The more you share the more people reached. 
Could you imagine if I had a trillion followers? yell

Number 2

Following, subscribing, commenting and Liking my content also goes along way. Especially on YouTube.
I make every effort to respond to everyone who comments.  Even the bad comments!

Number 3

If you are connected to or able to share my story with anyone in media of any kind, such as TV, newspaper, magazines, podcasts or radio please do.
Make me famous, will you?

Number 4

Have we connected personally? Or have you been inspired?  Please let me know in some kind of letter.  Hopefully a letter that you would let me post publicly. 
This one takes courage baby!

Number 5

Are you able to host me? I make every effort to connect with as many of my audience as possible.
I promise not to complain or make a mess (If I can help it).

Number 6

Are you connected with anyone in conservation or trees that I could possibly interview? Please put me in touch. 
I am a secret undercover tree hugger.  Shhhh!

Number 7

Sponsorship. Do you run your own company or do you work for a company that would be interested in sponsorship? 
Do you own a car dealership?  I would love a new car!  Kidding.

Number 8

I believe in the power of prayer. Prayer for safety, wisdom and discernment.  Plus, a whole lot of other things. 
Actually, believe me when I say this – I need lots of prayer.yell

Number 9

Donating to my favourite cause. I want to see the world covered in trees.  Please donate here to One Tree Planted.  They plant a tree for every $1 USD donated. 
I would love you forever!

Number 10

I have set up a Patreon page. The purpose of this page is not to finance this bike ride.  The purpose of my Patreon page is to give people an opportunity to support the effort I put forward documenting and sharing my journey with all of you.  If my content is meaningful to you please consider supporting me so that I can continue to bring more meaningful content your way.  You can access my Patreon account here or any of the Patreon buttons found around my website

Number 11

I have started my own t-shirt line. There are 2 themes – biking and environmental. The bike theme actually has a guys and girls line.  I will continue to release new styles and selections.
Print On Demand – this is how my t-shirt line works.  It is basically a hands-off online business.  You place the order.  The t-shirt company receives the order.  They process the order, the billing, the printing and the shipping.  Full disclosure the t-shirts are at a premium because they only print your t-shirt.  The t-shirts are not printed in bulk at bulk prices.  I make just under $10 profit.  Also, delivery can take between 1 and 2 weeks.

Number 12

Also, if you know any cool places to visit along the US Pacific, Mexico, Central and South America please let me know.
Did you know that there are wild hippos in Colombia?  I just recently found that out from a supporter.

So, there you have it.  Twelve ways that you can support me and 8 of those ways do not include money.  Once again, I want to thank everyone who has supported me in their own way along my journey.  Your support has been noticed by fellow Canadians and peoples around the world.

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