Paraguay is another landlocked country in South America.  It is bordered by Argentina to the south and southwest, Brazil to the east and northeast, and Bolivia to the northwest.  Paraguay lies on both banks of the Paraguay River, which runs through the center of the country from north to south.  Due to its central location in South America, it is sometimes referred to as the Heart of South America.

As of 2009 the population was estimated at 6.3 million.  The capital and largest city is Asunción.   The official languages are Spanish and Guaraní, both being widely spoken in the country, with around 92% of the general population speaking Spanish and 98% speaking Guaraní.  Most of the population is mestizos.

In 2010, Paraguay experienced the largest economic expansion in Latin America and the second fastest in the world, only after Qatar.

My route has me ride south east through the country near the Argentina border through the capital of Paraguay, Asuncion.  Probably the coolest stop will be just as I leave Paraguay and go back into Brazil there will be the Iguazu Falls.  I described the Iguazu Falls as part of my Brazil write up.  As I also explained as part of my Brazil write up I am not sure at this time if I will head northeast towards Rio de Janeiro or south through Brazil until I reach the coast.  I suspect that decision will be made when I reach that cross roads.  Regardless of my decision I will eventually make my way south along the coast of Brazil so that I may reach Uruguay.


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