That’s a real good question and in many ways I would say nothing.  That being said if there is a away to compliment the two dreams and goals I will figure out how along the way.

I guess the bike ride is just something I need to do personally or forever live with the regret of never doing  the ride.  That being said; I guess I hope that I can incorporate the required education needed to be successful with my passion projects into my ride.  What I mean is that truthfully I have no experience or education to pursue my passion for planting trees and rejuvenation of habitat in forests, rainforests and jungle.

I have an idea of meeting and talking to people about tree planting and habitat restoration along my ride in particularly third world countries but even here at home in Canada.  I have an idea of volunteering for certain organizations that are involved with tree planting in the different countries that I plan on pedaling through.  Getting hands on experience in the dirt and developing an education based on real life experience.

I am also considering and currently researching about possibly doing a podcast during and about my ride and in particular using a podcast as a platform for educating myself and potential listeners about reforestation and habitat restoration through interviews with people that are apart of these different environmental organizations that are working hard every day to help save our planet.

If there is anyone out there that has the same passions and technical know how to start a podcast I would love to hear from you!

The truth of the matter is that I am not an educated person and know very little about how to go about creating this future I want to create for myself.  But I am very determined and I guess I also hope that the determination and accomplishment of the bike ride will go a ways to help create a level of credibility that will help me network with the right people along the way to help see my goals and dreams of reforestation and habitat rejuvenation a reality.

Maybe your interested in another recent post on how I plan to safe the planet?


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