Argentina is the second largest country in South America by land area, after Brazil.  It is the eighth-largest country in the world by land area and the largest among Spanish-speaking nations.

Argentina’s continental area is between the Andes mountain range in the west and the Atlantic Ocean in the east.  It borders Paraguay and Bolivia to the north, Brazil and Uruguay to the northeast, and Chile to the west and south.  Argentine has claims over Antarctica, as well as overlapping claims made by Chile and the United Kingdom.  The claims are suspended by the Antarctic Treaty of 1961.  Argentina also claims the Falkland Islands and South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, which are administered by the United Kingdom as British Overseas Territories.  Argentina is Latin America’s third-largest economy.

The total surface area (excluding the Antarctic claim) is 2,791,810 km2 of which 30,200 km2 (1.1%) is water.  Argentina is about 3,900 km long from north to south, and 1,400 km from east to west.

My ride through Argentina will start in Buenos Aires and bring be straight due west into Santiago, Chile.  After reaching Santiago most of my remaining ride south will be through Chile.  As I get closer to Patagonia I will be zigzagging myself in and out of Argentina on occasion.  My final destination for this ride will also end in Argentina in the southernmost city in the world knows as Ushuaia.

Buenos Aires – Buenos Aires is the capital and largest city of Argentina, and the second-largest metropolitan area in South America, after São Paulo (the largest city in Brazil) with a population of around 13 million people.

Buenos Aires is a top tourist destination, and is known for its European style architecture and rich cultural life.

UshuaiaUshuaia is the capital city of Tierra del Fuego Province, Argentina.  It is commonly regarded as the southernmost city in the world.  Ushuaia is located in a wide bay on the southern coast of Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, bounded on the north by the Martial mountain range and on the south by the Beagle Channel.

This will be my final city of the ride. 

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